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When CSF Tech. first established in 1996, the working space was less than 200 square feet with only one desk. In the meantime, I had to do a part-time job working for a fruit trader to cover the expending. It was difficult but laid a firm foundation of CSF’s further development. Two years later, we moved to a 540-square-foot office. And now we have already expanded our business, and grown into a company with more than 7000 square feet of working space to meet customers' requirements. CSF Tech. have been growing steadily over the years. Now we have hundrous well-known customers from various groups. Many of them are listed companies, Including:Tile Industry-STG Medical Industry-Wyeth, Roche, etc. PCB Industry-Kinsus, Compeq, PPT; Nanya pcb; 
Unimicron,etc.; IC packaging and testing-Spil, Greatek,etc., Optoelectronics-Tracetec; AUO, CMO, CPTT, Hannstar,etc. Semiconducting-SOC-TSMC, UMC,PSC, NTC, ASE, VIS, Promos,etc. Nowadays CSF Tech. becomes more experienced and skillful by servicing customers from various groups. In order to provide further service, CSF Tech. partners with Planar Systems Inc. and American High Voltage Power Supplies. CSF Tech. is stepping into international and global stage.

Besides professional repairing skills, CSF Tech. especially focuses on the relationship with customers through all these years. We even offered free professional assistance to some long-term customers when they were facing financial difficulties.

CSF Tech. provides reliable, professional, and efficient service. At the beginning of 2007, we give our website a brand-new look, and add diverse repairing testboards to exceeding yield of 90%. We hope all customers can feel our progress.